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Chairman & Managing Director

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As a Chairman & Managing Director of Belmont Ad & Media Pvt. Ltd, and founder of the Belmont Group. Nitin started in business career at the young age of 18 years. He is young dynamic business entrepreneur. He is crucial drives media acquisitions of both internal and external operations of Belmont Group. He manages global network of channel partners and sales staff as well as local marketing team. He is a energetic entrepreneur with smart skills of managing team under extensive pressure. He provides strategic media planning, negotiations marketing endeavours, overseas design & ensures grand integrity. Prior to starting Belmont Ad and Media Pvt. Ltd. Nitin is also associated as Managing Director at Belmont Buildcon & Infratech Pvt. Ltd, Belmont Overseas Pvt. Ltd, Bullock Overseas Pvt. Ltd, and Imperia Estate. 

He also holds expertise in the field of real estate. He is responsible to the board for successful operation and management of the Company. He helped pioneer business models that disrupted business remittance and marketing industries. He commenced as Managing director in April 2013 having previously been a founder of Belmont Group. Nitin holds Bachelor of Commerce and Law Masters in Business Administration.

His key areas of expertise include influencing marketing finance management and implementing tools of the company strategically. In just span 8years Nitin has given his Group Companies profit of millions.

He believes “Heroes are those people who do what has to be done when it needs to be done, regardless the consequences

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She founded the “Belmont Group” in the year 2013 and today she is the financial backbone of Belmont Ad & Media Pvt. Ltd.. She spent many years running her own business and provides a wealth of knowledge about the intricate details of accounting. 

Education: M.A.,in English  from one of India’s renowned university.